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Fixing a damaged vehicle takes a lot of time and a lot of labor. There are a number of resources to help you find information on how to make repairs on your own, but it is not a job for those without any experience. This is especially true if you are looking for a perfectly repaired – back to factory condition kind of a result.

When looking to resell your car, the value of it will depend on its present condition. Dents could lower the asking price for your car.

A panel beater is specially trained to restore your car to its original condition. At Rapid Smash Repairs’ workshops, we have panel beaters in Sydney on hand 7 days a week. They are given plenty of work space in case they have to dismantle a vehicle for repairs.

Panel beaters may use different techniques to remove dents and get the new panels to match the original contours of the vehicle. They need to smooth, resurface, and spray paint the areas that were damaged. An experienced panel beater in Parramatta and other areas of Sydney can make the vehicle look new again.

panel beater repairing dents in a car


Steps involved in Panel Beating: 

  • Realignment
  • Stretching or shrinking
  • Planishing
  • Welding
  • Filling
  • Sanding
  • Spray painting



Before any bodywork can be performed on a damaged vehicle, it must be realigned. A hydraulic lift will pull the chassis into place and can be used to make sure all the mechanical parts of the car are back in proper alignment.


Stretching/ Shrinking

The panel beater will shrink or stretch the metal back to its original shape. The surface of the metal is heated using a heating gun and then hammers it back into shape with a special hammer.



This step will give a smooth finish to the panel surface. It needs to be shaped and smoothed. A special hammer will be used to restore the metal. A dolly is used to help the panel fit into its original place.



Our Panel beaters will weld the metal to join it together. This can be done to reinforce the structure of the vehicle.



This can be performed if a vehicle needs additional restoration work. A putty filler can be used. Once it has hardened it can be smoothened and shaped.



There are different sanding techniques used. Sanding can be wet or dry and used to reshape the contour so it can be painted.


Spray Painting

The final part of the repair is spray painting. A chip resistant paint is used. A panel beater will match the color to the original color of the car. Spray painting needs to be done in an environment free from dust by an expert to ensure there are no drip lines.

If your car needs professional service to restore its value, our panel beater can make it look new again. Click here to find an expert panel beater in your area.