Top 5 Auto Maintenance Tips To Avoid Expensive Repair Bills

mechanic replacing a tyreThere are five common maintenance and repair areas with ATV’s. You don’t need an expensive mechanic to do these jobs. You can do them yourself and save money.



Inspect your ATV tires regularly for wear. Be sure to look for any chips, cuts or cracks in the rubber. Maintaining proper tire pressure is something that can greatly affect performance and safety of the ride. Properly inflated tires will last longer and will provide better stability and reduce the chances of flipping.


Air Filter

Your ATV operates in dirty, dusty conditions and has an air filter to ensure the engine receives clean air. However, this filter is often neglected and can get quite clogged. A clogged air filter will result in poor engine performance and low gas mileage. These are easy to keep clean. They should be inspected regularly.


Clutch and Brake Cables

Clutch and brake cables require lubrication so they operate at peak performance levels. Cables that are lubricated regularly will last much longer and save premature expensive replacement costs.


CV Boots

CV (constant velocity) Boots are common wear items on an ATV. These are made of rubber and are designed to keep lubricating grease inside the joints and dirt out. If they crack or tear and dirt mixes with the grease, this will cause problems with the metal parts. CV boots should be inspected regularly. When inspecting look for grease around the outside of the boot. If grease is spotted it is time to replace.


Differential Oil

It is important that the oil in your ATVs differential be changed on a regular basis. Neglecting to change the differential oil as often as it is needed can result in poor vehicle performance, unwanted downtime, and very expensive auto repair. It is easy to drain and refill with oil. Be sure to do this as often as the manufacturer suggests.


Follow these five tips and your ATV will operate at its best. You will also avoid expensive, unnecessary repairs.