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Rapid Smash Repairs offers extremely high quality standards when it comes to the vehicle repair services they provide in North Sydney. Our customers can rest assured that they are receiving a top notch workmanship along with the most cost effective strategies possible.

Our technicians are attentive to the original manufacturer’s details, so that ever vehicle is returned as close to their original condition as possible.

The Rapid Smash Repairs shop has an excellent reputation for giving exceptional services in the local community. When a customer’s car is completed, it looks brand new. The high quality work, when combined with staff friendliness, efficiency and cost effectiveness of the shop, creates a comfortable and professional atmosphere.

Client’s damaged cars are recovered and delivered to the shop at no extra charge. A courtesy car is also provided to the client at no charge. Once the vehicle is restored to its perfection, it will be promptly delivered to the client’s residence. This customer services allows the Rapid Smash Repairs customer the convenience of never having to worry about transportation.


Client’s should choose Rapid Smash Repairs for a variety of reasons:

Every automotive technician has been trained in automotive factories and technical colleges. Our panel beaters have the ability to repair collision-damaged vehicles back to their original state.

We only use the newest and latest technology. Computer technology is also used to repair vehicles. A state of the art computer system is used to match the car’s chassis. This helps to maintain the car’s stable ride.

We are committed to giving you 100% guaranteed satisfaction. All vehicles are repaired to the highest possible standards. The entire process is tailored to alleviate any type of stress on you. Our Customer Service Representatives are always available to answer questions and keep you informed throughout the vehicle repair process.

Our representatives are pleasantly well informed and always ready to help you get and maintain your peace of mind. You have the convenience of using an on-line service to get a quick quote. The service is offered 24 hours.

Rapid Smash Repairs does not only cater to the average car owner, but we also work with a variety of commercial business vehicles. The same outstanding services offered to private vehicle owners is also available for commercial businesses.

It is understood that such businesses have the need to have the vehicles within their fleet fixed promptly, efficiently and perfectly. Our shop will work to have any commercial vehicle ready in an efficient amount of time while maintaining the highest quality of care for the vehicle.