What if my insurance company doesn’t have your company as their preferred repairer?

All insurance companies are well-known for having an exclusive list of their preferred repair shops. Their preferred repair shops offer them the best prices.

We may not be on your insurer’s “Preferred List”, but all insurance companies will accept a competitive quote from any licensed repairer for the damage to your automobile.

When communicating with your insurance company, simply tell your agent you would like to deal with Rapid Smash Repairs. Your insurance company should not have any problems honoring your request.

Rapid Smash is a “Preferred” repairer for some insurance companies. At this time, we are making an earnest effort to become a “Preferred” repairer for many more. As you may know, there are many formalities associated with this process.


What Information Should I Bring to Rapid Smash Repairs?

We will need the official name of your insurance company. We will also need the name and telephone number of the person involved in the accident (if possible). Rapid Smash Repairs will help with the paperwork and claim lodgment to make the process as easy as possible.


Do You Provide a Rental While My Vehicle is Being Repaired?

We will help you find out if your insurance policy covers you for a rental while we are repairing your vehicle. We have an exceptional relationship with a rental company. We can subsidize some of your rental expenses.


Am I Required to Pay an Excess?

This depends on your insurance company and current policy. Your insurance company can give this information to you.